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We all want to feel safe when we go back to work onsite doing live events.

In order for that to happen, there needs to be an entity in place that ensures a safe and compliant environment to return to. 

Meet Get Back Onsite.

The Live Events Industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

90% of the workforce has seen their livelihood disappear.


No one can predict when events will be going back onsite, but they most assuredly will and when they do, there will need to be specific COVID-19 Compliance Protocols and Procedures in place.


There needs to be dedicated professionals to oversee the onsite protocols to assure compliance. This is where Get Back Onsite comes in. Trained in COVID-19 Compliance Protocols, GBO will manage the many faceted elements of COVID-19 safety on behalf of the Production Company.


We will work with the Production Company to make sure all the protocols being put in place adhere to current, local county Departments of Health guidelines.


When we do go back onsite, we will be doing so with the full knowledge that we are going back in the midst of a pandemic.  This demands a serious approach to how the event’s environment is set up.  We will provide this process with the respect that it deserves.


We will offer guidance on how to navigate all these new requirements and pay special attention to how compliance will relate to the

event’s budget.


In production, when everyone is on headset doing a show, if someone needs to use the restroom they simply say, “Going off to take a bio”. The traditional response is for the stage manager to say, “Thank You” as an acknowledgement that they were heard and that it’s ok for them to leave their position.


For years during my career as stage manager in theatre, dance and corporate events, instead of saying, “Thank You”, I would whimsically say, “Wash your hands” as my response.


Who would know how prophetic that would be?

Since the very early moments of the COVID-19 pandemic, I voraciously gathered and read every piece of information I could find regarding the status of this virus and its impact on the Live Events Industry.

I wanted a timeline, an assurance we would be back onsite.


I missed my “road family.”  The brothers and sisters that I’ve spent countless moments with, coming up with the impossible to solve whatever challenge we were met with at that time. We always came through.


I wanted to be back onsite with all these fantastic professionals. Friends that you might not have seen in months or even years, but when you do see them, you know everything will be alright because the collective work ethic will make the event happen, no matter what.


When I was asked what it would take for me to go back onsite, I knew I needed to feel confident that there were systems in place to assure that I would be safe. Systems that EVERYONE would adhere to

with no ambiguity or wavering.


THAT is why I created Get Back Onsite.


With all the studying I’ve done, the certifications I’ve earned and with my experience in the Live Events Industry over the last 35+ years, I bring a comprehensive vision on how we can

all, safely, Get Back Onsite!

- Tom Spital 

Founder, Get Back Onsite 

You can listen here as I chat with the InProduction team on their new podcast, about Get Back Onsite and all the elements we foresee being a factor for events in 2021 and beyond.

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