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Get Back Onsite will supply a COVID-19 Compliance Officer (CCO) to manage the production compliance standards. This person will be trained in COVID-19 compliance protocols and procedures. They will know how the COVID-19 virus spreads and understand:

  • Current disinfecting procedures

  • Social distancing protocols

  • HIPAA Compliant Contact Tracing

  • CDC, Local and State Health Department guidelines

Having a Production CCO on the team will demonstrate how seriously the production company takes the safety and protection of its staff.


GBO will supply all production staff with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and production-specific cleaning and sanitizing supplies and equipment.  This includes masks, gloves, hand sanitizing stations and hospital-grade UVC Ultraviolet Surface Sterilizers to be used on large surfaces and electronics. We will also supply electrostatic sprayers to disinfect personal bags and backpacks that will be brought into the event space. These same units will be used to disinfect the contents of vendor trucks before they are unloaded into the venue.

GBO has developed a touch-free, web-based Screening Questionnaire that will be used to gather contact information and ask several

health-related questions of anyone working for the Production Company onsite. This information will be used to facilitate Contact Tracing.

The CCO will run morning safety meetings and oversee compliant work practices throughout the day.

GBO will provide all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the Production department as well as all Production specific cleaning and disinfecting supplies.

These supplies and equipment will travel in custom-built PPE workboxes.


Click on the PPE Workbox above to view its contents

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